NaBloWriMo: Post 9 – What I spend my time doing

I thought I would post this before getting to work as I have time. I mean in retrospect I spend half my life travelling on public transport (whether it 40 minutes journeys into work, or those hourly one on the way home). I get to do a lot of thinking and I have decided to tell you what I do with my spare time (because you all care soo much *sarcasm*). But here goes.

If I’m not travelling I’m either reading or writing. Boring I know but it’s what I can do. I say that because after leaving secondary school (or the first 5 years of high school if you’re American I believe) I kind of lost my art mono – I have endless amounts of art work lying around my room bearing as constant reminders to this fact. I mean I do always think about getting back into stencilling but I need new equipment, and right now I don’t have the money for that (but I will soon !).

But to make my hobbies sound less vague I will be more specific. I read numerous amounts of fanfiction, as you could tell from a previous post I wrote about my slight obsession. I also try to read normal books but I get halfway and then just put them down – I need to stop doing that because it’s just making the pile beside my bed ever growing.

And writing wise I also posted about how I handle not falling into depression, which is by writing my thoughts in the form of prose and poetry. I almost feel as if I were in a Shakespeare play, they would be my asides to the audience – somewhat a soliloquy but less eloquently said of course.

Alongside those two things I do enjoy recording and watching documentaries (either animal related, historical ones, or ones on literature – nine times out of ten they are the combination of the first two, learning about all the prehistoric creatures from the jurassic, miocene and pliocene periods of time. Ahh Megalodons). At the moment I have 6 episodes of this documentary series on actors discussing Shakespearean plays and how the written quality of the play and the acting merge together on stage to recreate the greatness of them.

And blogging, as you have probably realised because of these endless NaBloWriMo posts ^.^.

It’s almost my stop to get off so I will leave it here. Post later.

4 responses to “NaBloWriMo: Post 9 – What I spend my time doing”

  1. “I also try to read normal books but I get halfway and then just put them down – I need to stop doing that because it’s just making the pile beside my bed ever growing.”

    I do this a lot, too. Not sure why I don’t finish more of the hundreds of books I wade into.

    “…I handle not falling into depression, …by writing my thoughts in the form of prose and poetry. ”

    I also find that writing helps me fight the blues. I think this is because it exercises our free will, a thing that our culture seems to suppress in multiple ways, first by telling us free will doesn’t exist in the “scientific” world of determinism, second by boxing us into lives where we must spend almost every moment making money and/or worrying about it (no choice), and third by making prominent in our environments the things that overwhelm free choice such as drugs (like opiates and methamphetamines) and the natural apatite for mating that seems to be taken to extremes in western culture.

    Depression is an epidemic. Exercise of free will may be a key to stopping it. At least for some forms of depression.

    Thanks for writing your blog. It’s wonderful work you’re doing! You’re going to help a lot of people.

    All the best,


    1. I didn’t see this till now but this is one of the sweetest comments I have ever received about my blog. I do think depression is an epidemic, I may be one of the few people who handle it creatively (I have one too many a friend that hurts themselves to deal with it). All the best to you too ^.^

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  2. Your talk about art is kind of reminding of me of when I used to play the guitar. I dropped it completely and now have since forgotten nearly everything about it. That’s several years of instruction down the toilet. Don’t be like me! lol

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    1. Haha you don’t understand how I did the same with guitar. I spent 6 years learning and now I look at my guitar like how do I do this, what string combination is that. I think we should try and relearn the guitar.

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