NaBloWriMo: Post 8 – Gamer Tag

Because life gave me the option of opinion and a reminiscent nature. Here we go ^.^

  • What is your all-time favourite video game?

Well it’s a mix between Animal Crossing and Banjo Kazooie. Animal Crossing because it is that game that gets me through long journeys – sitting in a car, just picking weeds, and chopping trees, the usual. Plus it is a very, very relaxing game (unless Resetti-ed). But I lean more towards Banjo Kazooie because it was one of the first games I sat down and played on my own. I know that isn’t much of an achievement nowadays but for me it pushed me mentally to continue gaming. Plus the visuals were pretty.

  • What is your current favourite game?

Currently it is Hyrule Warriors (previously Assassin’s Creed Black Flag). The game-play is just amazing. I mean the switch in plot – playing as the good guys one minute and then boom your playing as Ganon to fill in the narrative gap (which many other games usually show or tell you what happens). I think I’m 2 chapters from the end, but before I complete it, I’m going to go back and play through on easy mode (because I normaled my way to this point in time) to get character upgrades. Also the mere fact that some of my favourite characters appear in the game (Midna – babe, pre and post curse. Lana – melts) with an alternative or spin off past and story from the original series is just genius. Amazing. Look at me rambling, next question.

  • What is your favourite video game genre?

I’m going to be awfully specific here but my favourite genre has to be ‘Historical fiction action-adventure’. If you didn’t get from that enormous clue one of my favourite game series of all time then, I have no words. But for clarification, it’s the Assassin’s Creed series. Every game is like a history lesson (from Assassin’s Creed 2, I managed to talk my way through an entire English Literature lesson with a close friend discussing the Italian Renaissance and Machiavelli).

  • How long have you been playing video games?

Don’t remember the exact age, but it was definitely after we moved to London. So I would say around 3 years old, if we want to be vague.

  • What was the first game you ever played?

From what I remember it was either Pokemon Stadium or Buck Bumble (just a side note but the Japanese names for the games are so fun to say but one will not type them because reasons). Both games really fun to play (even though playing Buck Bumble was a myth till my brother told me there is more to the game than aimlessly flying into walls).

  • What game have you clocked the most hours into?

It’s a tie between Assassin’s Creed 2 and Animal Crossing … just because.

  • What’s your longest gaming session?

Practically a whole day (minus drink getting, peeing and opening the door to the delivery guy) – it’s like this because when I’m sick, in order to regulate my sleeping, I game to pass time, but sometimes I forget to sleep.

  • Who is your favourite video game developer?

Shigeru Miyamoto. Hands down favourite. Close second, as a company itself, is Level-5. Their collaboration with Studio Ghibli to make Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, just gave me never ending chills of excitement whilst playing.

  • Who is your favourite hero character from a game?

This is tough. I can’t pick one, so I’ll pick two: Link and Ezio Auditore. Although some would consider Ezio more of a vigilante than a hero (considering a vigilante is a civilian who undertakes law enforcement with or without authority – I only type this definition as I had an argument with my brother about what vigilante meant – which Ezio does after his father and brother’s are executed) but for me he is my unconventional hero (3 straight games of playing as him was just amazing). Plus who doesn’t love a gorgeous, building climbing man in robes who accent makes happiness happen.

Link however is just *throws love hearts* I need no explanation to say why he is my favourite. However I do have a problem with Link, he broke my heart constantly running after Zelda. Up until Sheik appeared, she was just a stay-at-palace  bitch who just caused him endless problems. I don’t hate Zelda but unrequited game love *sigh*.

  • Who is your favourite villain?

Ganon. In all varieties of the Zelda games, his character’s progression, in looks and abilities, never fails to amaze me. Also, just saying, that him in Hyrule Warriors, the final battle hnng *unintelligible noises*

  • Who is your most hated character of any game?

Rather than a singular person, I have so much hate for Abstergo. Like seriously. I have never been brought to tears before by the actions of a game character (well once or twice but not often). But in Black Flag, when you find out what they did to Desmond’s dead body, and how it is possible to continue prying and unlocking his memories from his DNA, is absolutely disgusting. It disgusted me so much that I spent 20 minutes crying on the phone to my 언니 about how ‘I wasn’t ready for the revelation’. Then another 30 minutes cursing about how I was going to ‘Fuck Abstergo up from the inside out’ and how I would ‘hack the shit out of their bitch-ass computers’. Over-dramatic? Debatable.

  • What gaming systems do you own?

Collectively as a household, because we all share in a way, we have a: PS3, WiiU, Wii, 2 x 3DS, Gameboy (original and colour), GameCube, Nintendo 64, PS1, and a normal DS. We’ve owned more in the past but that would be a bitch list to type.

  • What was your first gaming system?

Nintendo 64 was my main first gaming system, but I dabbled around the PlayStation 1.

  • What is your favourite gaming system?

*walks in* *looks at question* *walks away* … Next.

  • Do you prefer to play as male or female characters?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have a preference. Unless it’s sims, then I make that character the hottest version of me and go slay some sassy sim ass.

  • Do you follow walkthroughs, or do you play through on your own?

I play through on my own, unless I get stuck for ages, and even then it has to be a video walkthrough because sometimes my brain doesn’t comprehend reading instructions and then putting into fruition what I have just read,

  • Have you ever been to a gaming convention?

*drops to knees and bows head* Nope.

  • What game(s) are you most excited for release (in the future *whooshing sounds*)?

I pluralised the question because I have five I’m really excited for: Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Remastered), Mirror’s Edge 2, and Smash Brothers for the WiiU.

  • What’s you best memory of a video game?

I have 2 (I seem to be doing this a lot – taking the question, then just kind of ignoring bits of it).

My first one is from when I was little. I used to co-play The Legend of Zelda games on the N64 with my dad. We had this system whereby he (although having completed the game already) would let me play all the bits and bobs surrounding the boss battle (so moving from one place to the next, entering the temple, getting to the room with the boss in) and then he would defeat the bosses for me (only because I would get upset and cry when I lost).

The second in general is that overwhelmingly awesome feeling you get when you complete a game. It’s in that moment that you realise what all the painstakingly long hours went into.

  • What’s your worst memory of a video game?

When my brother accidentally deleted my saved data for Twilight Princess – to put it into perspective I was in the Ice temple right before the boss and then boom gone. He did however, subside my anger by spending the entire weekend replaying it for me to get me back to where I was.

  • Which video game character do you see yourself as, or if you had to be represented by a video game character, who would it be?

I see myself as His Meowjesty, King Tom Tildrum XIV of Ding Dong Dell. He is just so big and fluffy, like me (except the fluffiness but I’m chubby so). But if I could I would want to be Midna or Lana.

2 responses to “NaBloWriMo: Post 8 – Gamer Tag”

  1. Man, I sure wish I could give Hyrule Warriors a go. I’m pretty much flat-broke for the time being and won’t be able to pick up a Wii U for awhile. I was pretty much sold on the game the moment they revealed Ganon- Smash Bros. should take note!

    I’ll do you one better on the whole siblings deleting data thing: this happened to me twice with completed files of the original Pokemon Red and Blue. I spent all this time going through the game and defeating the Elite 4, only for my younger brother to accidentally delete it all. I laboriously redid everything only for it to happen AGAIN. At that point I could no longer be mad and simply felt… defeated. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you completely, if I were you I would probably cry … although my brother did sell Fable 2 before I could complete it, so for years have been revelling in what ifs … I tell you when the time comes and you get to sit down and play Hyrule Warriors the wait would have been worth it. ^.^


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