NaBloWriMo: Post 6 – Appreciation

There are so many things one could appreciate in life. Be it a good person, to good drinks. But today gave me the most appreciation (if that makes sense). Finishing work at neo 4.30am leaves much to hate about life but good travel buddies always gives me a smile. And even more so when one of them goes ahead to pick food up for his girlfriend, and in the process some chicken wings for my colleague and I. To some that’s just life but for me it showed me how good wild and hearted some folk are. I mean he didn’t have to buy us them, let alone think of how hungry we may be, but he did. He also gave us a can of coke which did quench the thirst of a 12 hour shift.

I’m happy now and will be for the day coming. Thank you kind security guard, enjoy your day off. 🙂

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