I was in the midst of writing up one of my film essays when I was pleasantly distracted. Distracted by some amazing news. I just recently got a job at O2 Academy Islington working bar and cloakroom. I know to some this isn’t an achievement but this is my first paid job. My first two shifts, which were Friday and Saturday, were club shifts, meaning I finished up around 4.30am (surprisingly not to bad when everyone else around you is getting drunk and having a great time and you are just aiding the fun). But non the less I am enjoying it so far ^.^.

Also, in other news, I had my first driving lesson today, and oh my gosh it was fun. I only stalled once and almost another time but I saved it, and I got onto lesson 3 material haha. Hopefully I can keeping ploughing through the material at this pace so I can get on and do my test ^.^

And last but not least, I finally got a desk. After 4 years of working downstairs and then getting a bollocking for leaving school work in the only available place, I finally have a desk. Nice Ikea desk, with a draw, side storage and enough desk space to have my laptop, extra keyboard and mouse, laptop case and my mancala board, I realised this desk is perfect yet late.

Enough for tonight, I am completely shattered so I shall sleep. I will however upload that essay tomorrow or the day after (seeing as tomorrow I am accompanying a friend to a Lower Than Atlantis fan sign) XD

Night ^.^

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