Supervacaneus. Indomitus. Indignus.

Sometimes, I like to consolidate my thoughts together, and realise how much I dislike people. 

I mean certain people not everyone. But seriously, for you to air your hatred about me to me (after I was being a civil person by allowing you to stay in my abode whilst everyone else practically shunned you with false claims and lame excuses), you make it your ‘duty’ (to a lesser degree) to appear everywhere on social media, in things I am tagged in, have commented on, to posting in a mutual group seconds after I have posted (even after un-friending me might I just add) is beyond me right now.

I don’t like to deem people as shallow but at this precise moment in time you are really taking to cake.

I also wouldn’t want to wish ill-heath on anyone, but sometimes the thought passes my mind of just maybe you leaving me alone. Forever. Period.

And just before I depart, I would just like to pose this thesis to the floor. Now I personally don’t consider myself to be, what was the phrase again, ahh yes, a ‘manipulative bitch’, merely because I don’t have the care, attention span, or willpower to do anything associated with the position. But however I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do posses the quality, the nature, to get frustrated and somewhat angry, when pushed. And I don’t mean insignificant or small things setting me off into a fit of bitchy anger, but I’m talking about the persistent pestering, constant touching, the ridiculing of my problems because, as you put it, ‘You’re dabbling in first world problems when you talk about how you feel under appreciated, but my problem about my mother refusing to buy me £70 shoes after giving me £300 for the shits and giggles is more important’.

No. Just no.

It’s inevitable to say I am, and quite frankly have been annoyed for coming on 3-4 weeks now because I just CAN’T get to grips with your reasoning for all this. If it’s attention you crave after a whole year of rejection, then I am sorry my dear but the attention you are receiving from me isn’t of admiration and love but more of hate, thus leading me to become void of emotion and care when situations involving you arise in the future.

I know you, the person to whom this is aimed at wont see this because, haha, you removed any evidence of me being any part of your life.

Your love, supervacaneus. My dislike to you, indomitus. Your attempts to upset me, indignus.

That, is all.

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