Assess the view that self interest can only be realised in the context of a virtuous life.

Philosophers who argue that morality is constitutive to self interest are taking a stronger position than most contractarians because they are claiming morality is not simply sufficient for self interest, but it is jointly necessary and sufficient. In other words, the conditions under which I act in my own interest are exactly the same as the conditions under which I am moral.

Plato argues that the telos of a person is to reach a state of eudiamonia; flourishing or fulfilment. He suggests living a virtuous life is the necessary condition for reaching eudiamonia and this means that being a virtuous person is not just instrumental of your self interest but it is constitutive of it. Plato’s virtues include; wisdom of your intellect; courage of spirit or ‘thumos’; and discipline of appetite. Continue reading “Assess the view that self interest can only be realised in the context of a virtuous life.”

Essays, essays, essays and more short stories

Looking through all my old college work, I realised I wrote some pretty good essays. So tonight and tomorrow I’m going to post some film and philosophy essays I wrote. Then if I can find it, my English lit mock essay which was the best in the class (from what the teacher said – I did think that my fellow classmates wrote of a similar standard to me – twas nothing special about it).

I am going to forewarn you they aren’t amazing essays, they are just my favourite and personal best.

Also I just found a stack of stories I wrote a while back so i shall edit them and let you see them ^.^

Short story made from boredom – Based off Castle of Otranto

“She pushed her frail and weakened body through clusters of white lily bushels. Red scars left on her dirtied white skin, paled by the florescent moon up in the twilight sky. Her breath quickening, her pace echoing that of her heart; thud, thud, thud. Hollowed branches snapping carelessly beneath her soles. The end was nigh and she could feel it, but she kept running.

Isabella turned, glancing quickly at the tall, leafless trees as the cast eerie and daunting shadows on the path she had taken. A luminous, green glow in the distance signalled the castle; her once safe haven, now merely another hollowed shell in her ‘perfect life’. She knew it was too soon to stop. Manfred was near, she could feel it. Shivers ran down her spine as the wind whispered muffled ‘run’s and ‘save me’s; even the spirits knew she was in danger. The end was nigh and she could feel it, but she kept running.

With a final push, she finally escaped the forest and entered what seemed to be dead land. A screaming silence enveloped her; no whistling winds, no insects, no birds, just the sound of her heart; thud, thud, thud. Thick fog limited her vision. Anything could be out there, but she knew it was seemingly heaven here than with Manfred.

She ran into the fog, disorientated, no idea of direction, she just ran. Crisp grass tickled her beaten soles, she could almost taste the freedom. Mind distracted by this wanting trance, she tripped over airs of nothingness. Hitting the ground, all soul and drive left her body. A single tear formed a crystal in the crevice of her dead eyes. The end was nigh and she could feel it but, but could she keep running.

Isabella tried to stand but it felt as if the spirits once pushing her on, were now holding her down, pinning her to this fate and signalling her coming end.

‘Isabella, my dear, my beauty. Why did you run?’ Isolated in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed the man who makes her blood run cold had finally caught her. The end was nigh … the end was here.”

Book Tag

This was planned months ago but I have finally got round to editing the post (it went a tad haywire and was just a mess but now is the time). This post will basically be a book tag inspired by my close friend Arianna’s old blog (she deleted it but now we have a joint blog and YouTube so hopefully we start uploading soon – going to be hella difficult as she is moving to Essex for uni *cry cry*. I will link them at the bottom even though they are basically blank spaces right now).

My book tag isn’t going to be quick, sharp and snappy responses because, well just because. So here goes nothing, bear with me, and enjoy my nonsensical rambling about a pastime I love so dearly *throws NamGrease hearts everywhere*

  • What is your all-time favourite book? (NOT a series)

My favourite all time book has to be Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. It’s a book that screams originality, especially for when it was written (I have gotten into many an argument with people who try to tell me Battle Royale copied Hunger Games. Few fun facts for you Battle Royale was published in 1999, the first instalment of The Hunger Games trilogy was published in 2008. You should really stop trying to out and distinguish similarities between novels, even films, nowadays. Merely because of course there are going to be crossovers and similar plot lines as too much of everything today – gotta take inspiration from somewhere. Plus each book should be appreciated and hey if you feel like it analysed to its own merit – both novels stemmed from different cultures, struggles and times.) It is a well written novel which plays on the general fear of the 90s in Japan – youth crime.

  • Who is you all-time favourite author?

It has to be Stephen Fry. No questions asked. His satirical and cynical writing style really appeals to me, also I just love him generally as a person. He is a beautiful person who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, something most of us struggle with today. (Plus in his books he uses a lot of profanities which I find awkwardly attractive haha) Continue reading “Book Tag”

New Space

Anyone who knows me from my Blogger Blog (ha that sounded funny), should not be worried! It’s still me Rachel aka Elizalilysmiles, I just made a WordPress Blog because my other one was un-organised and I wanted to clean everything up.

So welcome to my new blog, hopefully I get the hang of this soon. Will be posting a proper post in a few minutes (something I have been working on for a couple of days now).

Supervacaneus. Indomitus. Indignus.

Sometimes, I like to consolidate my thoughts together, and realise how much I dislike people. 

I mean certain people not everyone. But seriously, for you to air your hatred about me to me (after I was being a civil person by allowing you to stay in my abode whilst everyone else practically shunned you with false claims and lame excuses), you make it your ‘duty’ (to a lesser degree) to appear everywhere on social media, in things I am tagged in, have commented on, to posting in a mutual group seconds after I have posted (even after un-friending me might I just add) is beyond me right now.

I don’t like to deem people as shallow but at this precise moment in time you are really taking to cake.

I also wouldn’t want to wish ill-heath on anyone, but sometimes the thought passes my mind of just maybe you leaving me alone. Forever. Period.

And just before I depart, I would just like to pose this thesis to the floor. Now I personally don’t consider myself to be, what was the phrase again, ahh yes, a ‘manipulative bitch’, merely because I don’t have the care, attention span, or willpower to do anything associated with the position. But however I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do posses the quality, the nature, to get frustrated and somewhat angry, when pushed. And I don’t mean insignificant or small things setting me off into a fit of bitchy anger, but I’m talking about the persistent pestering, constant touching, the ridiculing of my problems because, as you put it, ‘You’re dabbling in first world problems when you talk about how you feel under appreciated, but my problem about my mother refusing to buy me £70 shoes after giving me £300 for the shits and giggles is more important’.

No. Just no.

It’s inevitable to say I am, and quite frankly have been annoyed for coming on 3-4 weeks now because I just CAN’T get to grips with your reasoning for all this. If it’s attention you crave after a whole year of rejection, then I am sorry my dear but the attention you are receiving from me isn’t of admiration and love but more of hate, thus leading me to become void of emotion and care when situations involving you arise in the future.

I know you, the person to whom this is aimed at wont see this because, haha, you removed any evidence of me being any part of your life.

Your love, supervacaneus. My dislike to you, indomitus. Your attempts to upset me, indignus.

That, is all.