Ain’t It Fun

This blog post is happily named ‘Ain’t it fun’ after the Paramore song of the self named 4th album – I have admittedly been re-listening to a lot, and I mean A LOT, of their music over the past few weeks because it simply just fits the mood plus they are and will probably will always be one of my favourite bands alongside The Blackout and Korean boy bands Infinite, BTS and the ORIGINAL SM The Ballad (fuck the new line up – its basically SM The-anyone-who-can-sing-a-few-notes-collab … the original SM The Ballad had soul, grove, charisma and quite frankly could sing the pants off of me and get me into bed – and with their song titled Hot Times it only seemed fitting to say that). But back on subject, I chose this song in particular (fought between this and ‘Hate to See Your Heart Break’ because of … reasons) because when I listen to this it just instantly makes me happy and forget some shit that happens over time … and believe me, recently there has been a lot of shit (which I shan’t bore you with and to be brutally honest I don’t want to talk about it merely because it surprisingly hurts to talk about – only because I feel like so much time and effort attempting to be a nice and decent human being was wasted on someone who just couldn’t be bothered not to make themselves the victim for once …)

But we shan’t dwell. I have some good news anyway. On the 14th of this month (late as always i know but at least it is here now) I got my A level results for this year. Now before the day I wasn’t at all optimistic for these results – I even got to the point of telling my father it can go one of 2 ways; one would be a text saying school meaning i had passed and i continue for my last year before attempting university; or two would be a text saying nun stripper meaning i had failed and i have already decided that becoming a nun stripper was my new career path. But lone behold I pulled through and managed to get a C overall in my English Lit A level, a C in English Language AS and an A in Film Studies AS … fucking shocking right XD

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