Short post mi lovelies

*swoops in*

Yeah, I’m so very sorry that I haven’t updated in over 2 months, BUT I have a reason. Today I had my first exam … *sigh* the longest extension of my life, and tomorrow I have my second one. I think after tomorrow I’ll update on the weekend because I will only have my literature exam left to do and that isn’t for 3 weeks YAAAAY … so yeah this was just a short post to say I will upload soon just not now (I mean I did have one that I had written practically all of explaining my Easter holidays but that’s staying in draft form until this weekend … I’ll make it the best damn post ya’ll be reading, and it will have pictures and everything – well not everything but you catch my drift. Plus i did get some cool new books so I’ll bore you with those too)

So catch you on the flip side (I had to put that in, just don’t even ask XD)

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