To orange or not to orange … that is my question

Is in one of those moods whereby I just want to drink … like sit down beers, vodka and energy … just drink

I’m not even sure why but it just seems like the ‘happier’ option

I’m pretty sure half the people who read this blog don’t care

A quarter of you just stumbled across this and is like ‘oh’

And the rest know me and know how I am and would assume this as normal

But I don’t even know myself

This post makes no sense and the title has no connection (was originally meant to be posted like 3 days ago when I was up at 5am and acc had to make the decision whether to eat an orange or not but that time has past and I don’t want an orange … lets be honest … they aren’t this kind of mood fruit … and on the day I decided against them as well so you know)

I’m gonna go see if I can find any beer in this house, and syphon some of the house vodka

Night everybody *walks off*

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