You know those awkward moments when you stumble across something you feel like you shouldn’t have, but even with those thoughts continue reading it to soon realise that it was the most abysmal thing you have read in a while … well that just happened … forever confused with this life XD

So far this holiday i have achieved nothing amazing … barely done any work and is not particularly looking to start anytime soon … i mean i have it all piled nicely in the order i wanna tackle it but i just can’t be bothered to touch it …

In brighter news however … I’m going to turkey this summer … I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 FUCKING YEARS YOU BASTARDS WAHOOOOOOO … and my parents never argued this time … just said okay you can … almost have severe heart failure at it …

not actually in the mood to blog so I’m going to sign off now to listen to music and revel in the wonders of the interweb

Peace and love Lil Lilies <3

Eliza ^.^


To orange or not to orange … that is my question

Is in one of those moods whereby I just want to drink … like sit down beers, vodka and energy … just drink

I’m not even sure why but it just seems like the ‘happier’ option

I’m pretty sure half the people who read this blog don’t care

A quarter of you just stumbled across this and is like ‘oh’

And the rest know me and know how I am and would assume this as normal

But I don’t even know myself

This post makes no sense and the title has no connection (was originally meant to be posted like 3 days ago when I was up at 5am and acc had to make the decision whether to eat an orange or not but that time has past and I don’t want an orange … lets be honest … they aren’t this kind of mood fruit … and on the day I decided against them as well so you know)

I’m gonna go see if I can find any beer in this house, and syphon some of the house vodka

Night everybody *walks off*