Happy New Year ^.^

Wow this is really late … all the blogs I am subscribed to put these up either before or jussst after new years … I feel like a failed blogger but I should crack on with the post because I have a lot to reminisce about from my eventful 2013 ^.^ so here we go:

– The year started off with a Bang XD well if we are being literal … 16 days before the new year I went to see Big Bang in concert and I made my life good … it was one of the best concerts I had been too and it set me up for a new beginning ^.^

– I went to, I think, a total of like 10 concerts last year, so really fun an exillerating. I will never forget TDCC in April with the group and Subira’s wipe-my-boobs-then-throw-the-tissue movements … nasty bitch XD … seeing TDCC again at the O2 in December was immense, so chilled singing and dancing with my bestie … and got lost in oogling men to the sounds of Crystal Fighters … blessed night … Attending Taking Hayley and Speaking in Shadows lead to me getting new facebook friends with members of bands … which is always awesome for being part of a street team and flyering for them … And Dumbfoundead, Just Dumbfoundead … the man is my idol …  I love his bars and his stage presence. And finally MY FAVOURITE GIG OF THE FRICKING YEAR … Infinite … now this was my favourite gig as I went alone, I got there by myself and was literally petrified because some fans were mean and wouldnt let me stand with friends I made online … so after moving to the back of the line … after 20 minutes I met this awesome lady who taught in Japan and she was really adorable, then her friend came and there was more adorableness (shame I forgot their names *facepalm*) …. but after literally conversing with them for like 3 hours the queue started moving and I met these awesome girls, Rory and Dana, these girls, let me stand with them, joke with them, scream with them and now were Twitter/Facebook friends … these guys literally made my night … and Rory she’s so small in comparison to me so I felt it my duty as the noble dongsaeng I am to make sure she could see the stage … and whilst in doing so got 8 seconds eye contact with Myungsoo … so I am happy

– I Failed 2 of my AS Levels XD haha I dont know why I laugh at that but I do … I mean if I didnt then I wouldnt be doing subjects I love more right now ^.^ I mean Film over Biology anyday XD hehe

– I changed colleges … then changed back again … I know somewhat confusing but I think it was important that it happened … don’t know exactly why it was important. But I was XD I hope it was … the adjusting was difficult but I’m happy now hehe

– Im pretty sure anybody who reads my blog know what happened just before the summer and partially into the summer, but for those who do not. I had a Bell’s Palsy in the left side of my face so basically the 7th nerve in my face was paralysed. This meant I couldn’t close my left eye properly, couldn’t smile fully, flare my left nostril, raise my left eyebrow, move it in general. Quite stressful, esp having to take 19 tablets per day; like 15 steroids, antivirals, omprezole, vitamin d and iron for months. I mean my last exam was abysmal, I couldn’t even concentrate in it, just kept poking my face and giggling in my head, left early and failed that exam. I mean I didn’t hide at home, I had a fricking eye patch, ofc I was leaving the house for everyone to see B), but I mean the only thing that got to me was having to tape my eye shut at bed time … it was so fricking annoying esp because my eyelashes would get caught on it.

– My 17th Birthday was somewhat eventful, I mean we dont discuss it anymore but it was so jokes in the end XD ❤ love you Autumn ❤

– New years was … something … im not sure how to take it, Mine and Liah’s banter became an awkward reality whereby we invited 2 people for jokes thinking they wouldnt come and showed up XD, met some cool people, one looks like Desmond *drools* like I am surprised i never jumped him but I kept mt cool (I say cool, what is my cool, I speak too much)

– I am ontop of my work load … in a sense … I mean I do have an essay due first lesson tomorrow I haven’t actually started yet (4am start I guess) … but other than that im ontop of it

– For christmas I got Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, WHICH completes my collection of the games B) oh yeah … all my versions of the games are game of the year editions so I don’t have to buy any dlc 🙂 … I recently sat down to listen to the black flag soundtrack … damn it is brilliant

I am not sure what else to write … I mean I started writing this ages ago … like just before the new year and I just never got round to finishing it till today. I’m not gonna make this longer with resolutions but I may do a post soon with some in it after I am able to think of reasonable resolutions that i can actually do XD

Night Lil Lilys ❤

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