Tis the Christmas Season or is this just a figment of my muddled mind

(Ummm going back to the 27th … Infinite were so bloody fantabulously amazing … I mean the set-list, them, the fan service, my video and picture quality, the friends I made in the queue … god I had so much fun … a bit sad that they never played Request but everything else was perfect … except getting the teddy we almost caught taken from us by crazy people but i think my 7-second eye contact with Myungsoo makes up for it <3)

^^^^ As you can tell from this sort of start i was gonna blog about a bunch of awesome shit that I’ve done these past weeks … but I was mulling around in the depths of my brain space and I came to thinking (or figuring out … whatever sounds better) that all my friends have noticeable change in themselves and their lives. For example, one friend has lost so much weight that she looks amazing now (not like she didn’t before but wow I’m proud of her change), another has THE coolest friends ever (to the point that she LOVES one of them, plus she manages to get guys and go on dates … plus when we visited our old secondary school, everyone was complimenting her on her figure and smile … whilst they pointed out half my face wasn’t working T__T). The rest have had awesome things happen to them, passing drivers tests, jobs, holidays.

Now I’m not a jealous person but i do wonder how I’ve changed … i feel exactly the same … just a bit taller with different friends. I mean yeah yeah that’s life I guess but I always feel as if something should happen that would be the definition of amazing. But, it never happens.

I guess i should just be grateful for what I have; a home, internet, friends, family who love me … even though sometimes i wish i had a car and money to just leave for a few days.

Another thing i got to thinking about … what is my talent … i don’t think gaming is a talent but I’m not a great photographer, I’m suck-ish at art, I raise my hand up to being a decent writer but then again many people are, if procrastination was a talent I’d be good at it but not renowned for it. I can’t think of anything else that I’m ‘talentless’ at other than singing, dancing, playing any instrument, and cooking. Might as well become a hobo but even then I’d be reckless with what little money i accumulate.

The pity party is over and i just wanna state it’s 2 weeks till christmas, yaay.

I’m gonna go now and sleep or something unproductive with my life.

Night Lil Lilys

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