Let down

You know when you just feel as if you should spend forever sleeping and hidden away because everyone and everything is such a let down …
Is it so much to ask for one day of your time to spend it with me and my other close friends to catch up and yet instead after 4 months of planning you ‘forgot’ about something really important you had to do …
I’m just so sick and tired of this shit but hey … to you and everyone else I’m over reacting … god it’s so stressful trying to be this person
So I have forwardly decided that from tomorrow I’ve started my own personal thingy … its called month of meditation … its pretty self explanatory but I’ll explain it … every day for a month I’ll take 17 minutes (a minute for each of my years if that makes sense) out to sit and meditate … hopefully clearing my mind will stop my stress levels and all … If I get bells palsy again I don’t think I’ll be as calm as the first time …
Having battles with myself too often nowerdays … its starting to get annoying … and being off sick today didn’t help at all with my internal conflicts …
I’m gonna go now … gonna read Frankenstein for next week’s English lit lesson and then sleep …
P.S. my most recent selca of myself … apparently I look angry in it … I don’t think so

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