Catch up i kinda guess

I haven’t really been posting simply because … I am confused. You know those moments when people just purposely ignore you and then make up THE stupidest excuses ever ‘oh I wasn’t with my phone’ … you obviously were if you read the messages then disappeared … I’m not a clingy person but if i take what, 3 seconds too long to reply, I get an earful from all angles.

But other than that i have a few pictures to upload from the past few weeks:

I went on a shopping spree … this was part of the part one purchases XD the next day we went back out for more clothes. I LOVE these tights, so soft, smooth and just nice fitting, I do love the shorts too, they have a formally edge but are also casual ^.^ 

My Starter at the Deisserie … One of the best Caesar Salads i have ever eaten. Really refreshing with the tomato and avocado, very filling though XD id suggest this and a small main if you want some great food ^.^

This sandwich … this sandwich … that is all *drools remembering*

Sheer Tartan shirt, so soft and works well with my black vests, or if you’ve got the figure just your bra XD but yeah really recommend for those semi formal events ^.^ I’m chatting so much shit … its a nice shirt XD that’s the only reason you need it.

There’s something about men’s jumpers that’s just so comforting, you pop one on and your all snuggly … now all i need is a man to acc give me theirs rather than me by my own

It’s not just a shoe … it’s a way of life, i think everyone needs Chelsea boots, they are comfy, reliable and just plan old nice … reasonably priced to ^.^ yaay for clarkss

My eonnie sporting the wonderful ‘hat-ception’ as she put it … just doing my bit for age UK, tasty smoothie, cute hat and money for old people who need help (could have been phrased better but … life)

Memories of one of my favourite nights, didn’t even need to spend a penny, all this was bought for me … polished off nearly the entire of tequila and nommed all my oranges with it … prefer tequila with oranges than with limes … tastes sweeter ^.^

When in doubt there’s always dominos near my house to buy food at, comfort eating on those confusing days

Side note that all the clothes were from Matalan B) and yeah the rest are just random pictures that will possibly have no relevance to your lives XD but life 🙂

TTYL Lil Lilys

P.S. there are pictures of me because apparently I’ve changed since before … i don’t see it but tadah 🙂


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