There’s only a small handful of times I can safely say that I am genuinely happy.

I mean loads of things just make me smiles a lot atm …

– I got my infinite Concert ticket … It was really touch a go because my brain was all mushy but I did it and I cost me a ducking arm and a leg for it but it will be completely worth it.

– I got my new phone and case (which I am blogging from atm) … its so prettyyyy ^.^

– I’m on top of my work load atm yaay … There is only a few times I could have said that last year but I’m not going to make the same mistake again

– My best mate wants to go winter wonderland with me again ^.^ yaay hehe such an adorable muffin

– There’s less drama to which people try to get me involved in … finally … Some well deserved me time

– Although I may have a Bell’s Palsy again and need more steroids and a head scan I’m staying optimistic about this … can’t let it get to me anymore (not like I did last time but you catch my drift)

Gonna finish watching LA Ink now … Later Lil Lilys


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