Lil Lilys I’m so happy ^.^

  • Infinite have released when they will put the concert tickets on sale … NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY ON PRIORITY … if I get tickets I will be the happiest girl in the world *melts* this has been a long time coming, because nowadays I don’t really fangirl over k-pop as much as I did before but Infinite after much deliberation through the years are my bias group and it would just be the most amazing experience. I’m so excited that I have even looked at setlists from all their other OGS concerts and compiled what I think they will perform (ughhh everyone know The Chaser, Destiny, Inception, Man in Love, Be Mine, BTD … all their main promotional songs but I can’t wait for their solo stages … I PRAY Woohyun does Time or Beautiful, and Sunggyu does 60 Seconds or Shine … I love Shine … and OMG IF HOYA DANCES TT__TT) I HAVE to calm down.
  • I’m getting a new phone tomorrow hehe … Samsung Galaxy Note 3 … this took DAYS of persuasion but its coming tomorrow … hehe I can’t wait … I think to christen it tomorrow I’m going to write a blog post from it tomorrow and take so many pictures for all you Lil Lilys to see ^.^
  • Arianna and myself have brainstormed ideas for a fundraiser at our school, by tomorrow lunch time we will know if we have the go ahead on it ^.^ Were gonna create a shortish documentary type video as well so we shall upload it for everyone to see our hard work šŸ™‚
  • Found some really awesome blogs recently and have just been in my element to cruise the blog system and create contacts and buddies in the blogging world ^.^
  • Block B had their first music show win … it has been a very long time coming, those boys have been through so much and I am so proud of their achievements … even though they do not know me I will always be a BBC and support them through good time and bad … Block B, Zico, Kyung, P.O, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, Taeil, Ukwon and every BBC who never lost hope … I have the highest of respect for you all individually.
  • I’m stoked for getting my tattoo on my 18th next April … I know its far away but I have to mentally prepare myself otherwise I’ll chicken out and cry for ages … but I am decided … a koi fish … most likely completely black or redish … on my upper arm … most likely a half-sleeve … have I’m all prepared but I’m scared to show my grandma and auntie … my dad hid his tattoos from his mother for years up until last year … that’s how bad it is XD
  • Last thing is I have homework … do not ask me why that makes me happy … just does this week ^.^ hehe
Ill be off now Lil Lilys … gotta plow through these essays ^.^ TTYL ā¤ xx
P.S. I’m gonna try and fix something to do with music on my blog … because each post has a certain song-ish mood to it that I just can’t quite get through speaking hehe ^.^ xx

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