Day 16 of Blog Your Socks Off September a.k.a Apples

Andddd todays is about Apples … XD

Apples and i have a weird relationship:

We love eachothers company, Its really good

But when i eat them they make me feel sick

But they taste so nice, my favourite food TT__TT

Apples why are you such a prick 🙁

You come in red, pink, yellow and green

Such diversity in a fruit

But when i eat you, you turn mean

You hurt my tummy

Its not even funny


What do i do 🙁


I Love You

Apples <3

this poem is shit but im tired …

ill make it better one day XD


Day 9 – 15 of Blog Your Socks Off September a.k.a … ummm yeahh

well i did have loads of posts planned to write but my first week of college has just swamped me so i thought best to lay off the posting buttt ill list the stuff i was gonna post about:

– First day of college (new one) = AWESOMEEEE
– New college friends <3
– My day off college every week ^.^
– My classes (full day … scared shitless TT__TT)
– New Books (loads of classics and plus my expensive school textbooks … £20 a piece is f*****g expensive) … p.s. that was fudging
– Partayyyyy for Chezzy … (accomplished opening a bottle of champagne successfully, dancing without tiring and finishing a quarter of vodka and 3 beers at only the start of the night alone)

Now my most recent post which was yesterday’s post will be about the changing of my room … futon bed soon <3

wait just 2 mins for my today post !!!