Day 6 and 7 of blog your socks off september a.k.a confusion

I thought I’d post yesterday’s and today’s posts together simply because later on today i guess you could say I’m out at a party and don’t wanna be late with my blog posts like i have been with all the rest …

but here is a list of things I’m confused with right now or questioning:

  • Why is my calender still on July
  • Where are all my socks
  • Why must i be guilt tripped into feeling bad for changing colleges and all
  • Why must i be constantly questioned because i just don’t feel the same way about you
  • Why do i own so many hats and scarves and not acc wear them -__-
  • Why someone who hates me wont move on … it’s been like nearly 2 years now
  • Why everything is my fault
I’ll blog sunday with maybe some pictures from Saturday
Night Night 🙂 <3 x

Day 5 of blog your socks off september a.k.a BINTM

Being who i am most people wouldn’t think that i cheekily indulge in ANTM and BINTM <3

My safe haven, esp because i did at one point want to become a fashion designer, then fashion journalist.

Fashion is extremely interesting ~(TANGENTTANGENTTANGENT)

But yeah, so i watched the finale of BINTM and from them finalists there i do agree Lauren should have won but Sarah was close competition … both all rounders … but personally Sophie was my favourite 🙁


Day 4 of Blog Your Socks off September a.k.a Paramore Gig


i got so close to her, eye contact with Hayley and Taylor … so jealous of the girl who got to go on stage with her but oh well it was really fun

The ‘Support act’ so to say was amazing too … First time hearing of Fenech-Soler and really really enjoyed them … ill link videos of them and the who of Paramore’s set bellow ^.^

Paramore’s Set:

Fenech-Soler’s Songs:

Last Forever
Blog soon (well in 5 minutes coz i keep messing this stuff up 🙁 )