Day 2 of Blog Your Socks off September a.k.a Milk


mans first encounter in life … straight from mother herself … or a bottle

its only day 2 of blog your socks off September and I’m stuck XD

so by unanimous vote (one friend on whatsapp) today we discuss milk

now i love milk … especially chocolate milk XD

but i have to bring to light the deceit i received from Hershey’s Chocolate Milk

Being a name brand i thought this would be a good, chocolatey chocolate milk but i read the ingredients to find that 1% or less is actual processed cocoa powder


im sorry but isnt the key ingredient for chocolate milk … chocolate??

I’d write a letter of complaint but 1) id probably be proven wrong, 2) arm twisted into thinking this is correct and 3) I have approx 30 cartons of the stuff in my house


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