My Beauty Regime – Sort of

This to me is foreign grounds, I mean I have never considered myself the girly, beauty loving type of person, I paint my nails when I’m bothered and I’m quite slobish but this was a request from a friend and so I thought I may as well try, who knows this could be the start of a new found Guru lifestyle (I know I’m not convinced either but we will go with it)

Sooo where do we start … *ponders*

I’m not one to buy into all these products that ‘claim’ to do wonders for your skin … consumerism at its finest … so the first product which I’m sure I don’t have to picture is good ol’ soap and water … I know people will complain and say ‘but I’ve been doing that and nothing works, but are you sure packing your pores with ‘balanced’ chemicals or herbal remedies is acc gonna help … I mean you don’t even need soap just warm water but its good to acc clean that face skin *insert cools face*

Secondly, ever so often I’ll treat myself to a face mask or two, mainly because I like the many varieties of face mask; ones that self-heat, ones that peel, ones that exfoliate, personal favourites are ones that do all of the above but I do recommend Lush face masks. They smell epic and are mainly natural ingredients *drools over the cupcake face mask … smells so nice* … they are a bit pricey but I mean I’ve had the same tub for what, a month and a half, used it 6 times (even with my mates) and i still have about 4 uses left over. I so suggest leaving it for about 20 minutes or more, simply because you can feel your skin tightening and plus I love flaking it off (I’m slightly weird … well more than slightly but oh well)

After I use my face mask, I rinse with warm to hot water (mainly in the shower, its a messy process so in the shower is easier) … The warm water opens my pores and shizz plus it makes my face feel all warm, tingly and fuzzy … I then use my favourite product … Lush Toners … They are really cool products, after you’ve opened your pores, the coolness of the toner closes them up making my skin feel so flipping smooth (it was the first thing I had ever brought from Lush … never looked back) … plus the toner in general is a great product … I mean if your staying away from home and don’t have access to a flannel and sink its great on a cotton pad for cleaning away the dirt on your face, shine too … its a quick fix. I have the Eau Roma Water toner, smells amazing and lasts a long time … I’ve only ever bought 2 in 2 years *shocking* (but I admit the Tea Tree Water Toner smells amazing too  … plus it isn’t harsh on the skin)

The final-ish stage of my cleansing process is moisturising … now I’m really shit at this because I’m extremely lazy with creaming … I usually flake out after all this beautifying but when I do moisturise my face I use any non-fragranced cream, not because I’m a fussy person, it’s just I prefer non-heavy and too smelly creams all over my face, after a few minutes I get annoyed with the smell and wipe my face again … so creams like Astral, Aveeno or unfragranced coco-butter … you catch my drift

And that’s pretty much it but I think the thing I can recommend the most that I do … is not use make-up (well much of it). On the occasional off chance I bother with make-up, I just bosh on some thin eye-liner for definition and a smidge of mascara finishing with some Vaseline or something to soften my lips. I mean if you wanna use BB-Creams, foundation, concealer or whatever its up to you, but I found with the few times I’ve allowed myself to be made up by my friends, its all a bit tolling on my face, I mean even eyeliner annoys me with removing it … I’ll forever look like a panda for a few days where I’ve used waterproof eyeliner *cries* I’m not hating or disregarding make-up users but I honestly find a person’s blemishes quite adorable and admirable, they tell a story … I mean I would kill to have freckles ❤ but that's just me … I think the only advice I could give to anyone who uses make-up and follows my regime (unlikely) that I have been told by my friends is to use a really really good make-up remover, even if it puts you out of pocket for abit, I mean it should be worth it if it lasts and works, and also allow your face rest breaks, like if you aren't going out on the weekend whats the point of dolling up, or if your going college, just use a bit of concealer if it is bothering you.

Small side notes:

  • Drink a lot of water – I only say this because for general health its good for you anyways but not too much because to much of anything is bad for you XD
  • Exercise – I’m a lazy oaf but even walking, gain confidence, plus when you exercise you sweat more and I find sweating helps push dirt out of the pores more
  • Relax – I know its rich coming from someone who complains so much about stressful and annoying situations but its always good to escape with some music or a good book (or both if your me) … stress is a main contributor to breakouts
(Links – Lush Face Masks ; Lush Toners ; Lush in general for really awesome stuff
I’m not sure what else to add, so I will end this post here … I hope to whoever reads this it’ll help in a way, maybe my routine wont work for you but you’ll find whats right for your skin soon enough. Plus I probably realise, other than small bits this sound like a Lush appreciation post XD 
Love Lil ‘Eliza’ Leaf
P.S. I got this really awesome brown notebook … smells AMAZING, not sure what I’m going to do with it yet but hopefully it’ll me good 🙂
Good Night xx

P.P.S. I was gonna add some pictures of my products but then I remembered I sold my camera and the other one is completely dead … *rubs neck* I’ve failed you all XD

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