Things you dont know about me … 2 point 0 bitches

Hey guys *silence*

im back with anotherĀ installment of things you dont know about me … i was acc blogging about the Two Door Cinema Club gig but i kindah lost my flow so i decided to make another list of this stuff … some may still be the same as before and some may be tweeked but HERE GOES NOTHING:

– I STILL have 5 names … Rachel Louise Emily Margot Leaf

– I now have 4 … i believe … official nicknames … Terry, Cartman, Mags/Magnolia/Maggy, and Australia

– I loooooove Assassin’s Creed … idc how much some people hate it … i love it

– i changed my twitter name … its not like it’d be elizalilysmiles … ofc it is … i dunno why i said that … im trying to build tension … its failing

– i still love mangas, comics and anime … Gantz <3

– still cant save money … ohwell

– still on the hallyu wave … i mean its not something u just dip then get out of XD

– still loving Japan

– Elgiva is counting and i have 52 illegitimate husbands šŸ˜‰

– my iphone’s name is Myunggie, ipod’s name is infinite, laptop’s is Woowoo and my PS3 is YaHo (anyone who clocks theĀ referenceĀ gets 10 points)

– i can still only paint my left hand and not my right … *le sigh* its a horrid feeling

– i am rebuilding my Studio Ghibli collection … i think 12 films so far

– i now listen to legitly everything … right down to the nitty gritty … rap and everything hehe *im universal*

– i love blogging <3 like i may not show it … by forgetting to post but i do love it … my one true expression

– i LOVE LOVE LOVE attending gigs and concerts … like you havent realised >> the side bar and previous posts pretty much sum up my passions

– ive forthly abandoned story writing on the ones i was writing … one because i lost them from the old pc and for the living fishsticks of me cannot remember them XD

– i hae no more dyed hair … its been like over a year T__T i miss dying it … like once a week … gave me more defined character *does inverted commas action*

– i still like the same person … aish … damning custard bullocks ofĀ tarsusĀ … Ā¬_Ā¬ … way to go you stinking heart

– i passed my GCSEs XD hehe

– Struggling through aLevels … studying Philosophy, English Literature and Biology

– started insanity workout … gotta get fit for the summer

– i have buns of steel B) only those who know me KNOW the power of my ass ~XD

– i gave up learning japanese and decided to learn korean … for the sake of my many husbands XD dont want no language barrier šŸ˜‰

– has formally decided i wanna be an english teacher or journalist in my future šŸ™‚ … university first

– if you couldnt tell by the many names of my many technologies … im a hardcore Inspirit waiting for the day they have a concert here *crosses fingers*

– really need to reestablish myself with my guitar XD

– i still do love reading … contemplating rereading Last Chance and The Fault In Our Stars

– My Favourite like hella favourite Korean Dramas areee … Reply 1997, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, and Vampire Prosecutor

– im currently procrastinating my philosophy revision … aish man

– *crying* i really do faiil at blogging XD

– i need need neeeeeeed a job like asap

– hmmmmm

i can think of no more but yeah so thats it … on a slight sidenote HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DELILAH XD hehe … i did tell you i wass gonna rant about trying to hurt you because u whacked my in the face with a fucking newspaper today Ā¬_Ā¬ but we will let it slide as its your birthday … but yeah your finally 17 mr XD hope you enjoy my gifts young one … like youll even bother to read my blog -___-

Nightt blog Ā <3

This douchey douchington douchebag will … repeat WILL be the death of me one day but meh … ill be waiting for that day XD … you complete imbicile … surprised i havent disowned your pretty ass