okay i lied but posting now is my way of apology

i know at the end of my last post i said i’d try and update you guys with pictures and all that but i got sidetracked … and i don’t have my SD card but yeah, i did however try to do a little gig summary for Biffy Clyro but i also then got sidetracked … i can tell you now in short … it was really really good, set list, stage presence and special effects … BUT … because of my seats i spent most of the concert anxious of me falling very very far down to my death … and were talking TOP of the O2 by stairs … if i jumped i could grab a steal beam above me … i was absolutely petrified but as the gig went on it got easier and i was comfortable as my thought process was if i die them the guys next to me die too XD cruel i know but Mild Sadism is one of my virtues (Leafos the great has a list of virtues inspired by Mill’s Trees not Train tracks theory !!! :D)

But moving on … yesterday i got back from a day in Ipswich with my eonnie Giva … i mean i like the uni but the accommodation tour almost made me fling myself out of the 5th floor window … swear its like they all had selective hearing or were just B.D.D (Blind Deaf and Dumb) how can u ask if the room is self-catering or semi-catered … approx 6 times … when the room was silent and it was asked seconds prior … and then your daughter asks about the mail boxes … she’s right in front of you and then you proceed to ask again even though you discussed it with her when you got the answer … I’m not sure if you were trying to make me flipped the nicely laid but unrealistic breakfast bar counter table in the show suite which had to many colour cushions, rugs and blankets to be a uni flat ¬_¬ like honestly … don’t lie to them … should have shown them what it would really be like … too many pans and dishes … the scent of mainly unwashed body or air freshener and stuff … like personally i could have given a better tour but oh well … tis what you get … but i wont lie it is a good university … the town is amazing and the cafe by halls sells the best food *drools*

In other news … recently … i got insanity !! … now i know there are people out there who say that it’s too intense and could be dangerous but I’m willing to take the challenge … plus it would be fun for the summer esp with parties and Paris XD so just gotta stock up on some protein powder, shaker and some fruit and boom here we goo 😀 … i should blog once a weeks about my progress … for you to see if it works but for myself … i’d feel it a massive achievement to reach my goal size and stick it out so wait for those

My birthday … now I’m not gonna go into the details about everything … as I’m not that cruel to expose my friend but lets say … it was a memorable birthday … like so memorable the images and stories burn holes into my innocent mind XD haha i kid but yeah, we had people vomiting (grim thought i know but its an achievement as it doesn’t usually happen), we had drinking games and a drunken movie watch … the best kind, The late night order of chicken and pizza was just delightful.

ummm ohhh last thing before i piss off and let you have your evening in peace … that’s if this even gets read you know *awkward laughter* but yeah i find it immensely difficult buying things for others … like its not like i don’t wanna celebrate your birthday with a loving gift and token of appreciation … or its not like Christmas isn’t important to your and your materialistic self but i like my money … and in all honesty i just spent £67 on just one person … yeah the aftershave is acc soo beautiful … (like i’d sex him right there and then if he wore it near me but yeah that’s slightly going off tangent) … and the game you wanted is quite reasonably priced for being out of print now so ill give you that … But I’m not happy about it 😦 could have bought and completed the rest of my infinite collection T___T

so yeah imma go now and listen to Dumbfoundead (who im seeing in a month today … that guy is just the sex and he knows what music to make <3) … i know this blog post wont get as many hits as the last but hey oh well … this is just my thoughts space where i pretend and believe people acc read, understand and love my blog hehe XD biii

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