I dont know why … But im awake … At 5am … Hmph

Its really difficult trying to take myself seriously today after eating farley’s rusks an baby milk … but i am serious enough to blog at 5am … Which to me on any other day is a bit far off!!! Its not like i have to wake up in 5-6 hours, shower, wash my hair, revise and then head to Biffy Clyro but what the hey … This is my priority right now.

So ummmm what shall we talk about


*light bulb*

So this friday is my birthday … it is pivotal like to a tee the most important thing this week B) … I mean like seriously I’m turning 17 finally … Tbh i never really saw myself as young – and innocent minded, pure flower, untainted by modern societies floors – pure i am but i only wish to the Good Lord of ice cream and fish stick sandwiches that i am innocent minded … Legit 20 minutes ago before autumn passed out i was discussing names of the pornos we would direct, who would star in them and suggestive plot lines … If that is innocent then … Well just then.

But back on subject … This friday (I’m not sure if i wrote a post with this in but i cannot be asked to look back and my memory is shit so we will pretend i didn’t) – this friday will consist of drinking, more drinking, birthday challenges and lots of hugging … Im kinda looking forward to finally having a biggish get together with my college and secondary school friends … God only knows how much i have missed them 😦

But yeah another thing … April is such a shit busy month … With Biffy today it is also my ginger pube faced guy Connor’s birthday … Love that guy, then we have Canterbury, TDCC gig, Edwin’s, Daleel’s/Delilah’s and myself’s birthday … And Fran’s and said ex-friend who should move on with life … (I don’t hate her but she is working for something !!! *angry face*)

Well i can safely say that pictures ofc will be uploaded of friday and i may link my keek for you to catch some drunken keek videos hehe but yeah niiiiight bloggie xxx

Don’t hate me forever if i forget to upload again ;;) xxx ❤


Umm i realised 5am blogging is shit as my grammar and all is off so i came back and edited it … Ill review Biffy later xx

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