Just A Thought

Now answer me this … When people go onto Facebook and write a status ‘not on this anymore, follow me on twitter … Instagram … Bbm’ … I cannot fathom the irony you have just mind blown my brain … Why go on some social media u don’t use to inform you ‘friends’ who probably could care less as they didn’t see u leave … To tell them where else to follow you … I mean as I’ve said if the cared they would ask where u been or would already be following u on other sites ….

Plus your probably just realllllyyyyy boring and no one cares ūüôā
(She says as she writes to no one in particular on this blog no one reads … Its what having a brain like mine does to you)

*stares and yawns coz im annoyed at 6am -.-*


Things you dont know about me … 2 point 0 bitches

Hey guys *silence*

im back with another¬†installment of things you dont know about me … i was acc blogging about the Two Door Cinema Club gig but i kindah lost my flow so i decided to make another list of this stuff … some may still be the same as before and some may be tweeked but HERE GOES NOTHING:

– I STILL have 5 names … Rachel Louise Emily Margot Leaf

– I now have 4 … i believe … official nicknames … Terry, Cartman, Mags/Magnolia/Maggy, and Australia

– I loooooove Assassin’s Creed … idc how much some people hate it … i love it

– i changed my twitter name … its not like it’d be elizalilysmiles … ofc it is … i dunno why i said that … im trying to build tension … its failing

– i still love mangas, comics and anime … Gantz <3

– still cant save money … ohwell

– still on the hallyu wave … i mean its not something u just dip then get out of XD

– still loving Japan

– Elgiva is counting and i have 52 illegitimate husbands ūüėČ

– my iphone’s name is Myunggie, ipod’s name is infinite, laptop’s is Woowoo and my PS3 is YaHo (anyone who clocks the¬†reference¬†gets 10 points)

– i can still only paint my left hand and not my right … *le sigh* its a horrid feeling

– i am rebuilding my Studio Ghibli collection … i think 12 films so far

– i now listen to legitly everything … right down to the nitty gritty … rap and everything hehe *im universal*

– i love blogging <3 like i may not show it … by forgetting to post but i do love it … my one true expression

– i LOVE LOVE LOVE attending gigs and concerts … like you havent realised >> the side bar and previous posts pretty much sum up my passions

– ive forthly abandoned story writing on the ones i was writing … one because i lost them from the old pc and for the living fishsticks of me cannot remember them XD

– i hae no more dyed hair … its been like over a year T__T i miss dying it … like once a week … gave me more defined character *does inverted commas action*

– i still like the same person … aish … damning custard bullocks of¬†tarsus¬†… ¬¨_¬¨ … way to go you stinking heart

– i passed my GCSEs XD hehe

– Struggling through aLevels … studying Philosophy, English Literature and Biology

– started insanity workout … gotta get fit for the summer

– i have buns of steel B) only those who know me KNOW the power of my ass ~XD

– i gave up learning japanese and decided to learn korean … for the sake of my many husbands XD dont want no language barrier ūüėČ

– has formally decided i wanna be an english teacher or journalist in my future ūüôā … university first

– if you couldnt tell by the many names of my many technologies … im a hardcore Inspirit waiting for the day they have a concert here *crosses fingers*

– really need to reestablish myself with my guitar XD

– i still do love reading … contemplating rereading Last Chance and The Fault In Our Stars

– My Favourite like hella favourite Korean Dramas areee … Reply 1997, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, and Vampire Prosecutor

– im currently procrastinating my philosophy revision … aish man

– *crying* i really do faiil at blogging XD

– i need need neeeeeeed a job like asap

– hmmmmm

i can think of no more but yeah so thats it … on a slight sidenote HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DELILAH XD hehe … i did tell you i wass gonna rant about trying to hurt you because u whacked my in the face with a fucking newspaper today ¬¨_¬¨ but we will let it slide as its your birthday … but yeah your finally 17 mr XD hope you enjoy my gifts young one … like youll even bother to read my blog -___-

Nightt blog  <3

This douchey douchington douchebag will … repeat WILL be the death of me one day but meh … ill be waiting for that day XD … you complete imbicile … surprised i havent disowned your pretty ass

okay i lied but posting now is my way of apology

i know at the end of my last post i said i’d try and update you guys with pictures and all that but i got sidetracked … and i¬†don’t¬†have my SD card but yeah, i did however try to do a little gig summary for Biffy Clyro but i also then got sidetracked … i can tell you now in short … it was really really good, set list, stage presence and special effects … BUT … because of my seats i spent most of the concert anxious of me falling very very far down to my death … and were talking TOP of the O2 by stairs … if i jumped i could grab a steal beam above me … i was absolutely petrified but as the gig went on it got easier and i was comfortable as my thought process was if i die them the guys next to me die too XD cruel i know but Mild Sadism is one of my virtues (Leafos the great has a list of virtues inspired by Mill’s Trees not¬†Train tracks¬†theory !!! :D)

But moving on … yesterday i got back from a day in¬†Ipswich¬†with my eonnie Giva … i mean i like the uni but the¬†accommodation¬†tour almost made me fling myself out of the 5th floor window … swear its like they all had selective hearing or were just B.D.D (Blind Deaf and Dumb) how can u ask if the room is self-catering or semi-catered … approx 6 times … when the room was silent and it was asked seconds prior … and then your daughter asks about the mail boxes … she’s right¬†in front¬†of you and then you proceed to ask again even though you discussed it with her when you got the answer … I’m not sure if you were trying to make me flipped the nicely laid but unrealistic breakfast bar counter table in the show suite which had to many colour cushions, rugs and blankets to be a uni flat ¬¨_¬¨ like honestly …¬†don’t¬†lie to them … should have shown them what it would really be like … too many pans and dishes … the scent of mainly unwashed body or¬†air freshener¬†and stuff … like personally i could have given a better tour but¬†oh well¬†… tis what you get … but i wont lie it is a good university … the town is amazing and the cafe by halls sells the best food *drools*

In other news … recently … i got insanity !! … now i know there are people out there who say that it’s too intense and could be dangerous but I’m willing to take the challenge … plus it would be fun for the summer esp with parties and¬†Paris¬†XD so just gotta stock up on some protein powder, shaker and some fruit and boom here we goo ūüėÄ … i should blog once a weeks about my progress … for you to see if it works but for myself … i’d feel it a massive achievement to reach my goal size and stick it out so wait for those

My birthday … now I’m not gonna go into the details about everything … as I’m not that cruel to expose my friend but lets say … it was a memorable birthday … like so memorable the images and stories burn holes into my innocent mind XD haha i kid but yeah, we had people¬†vomiting¬†(grim thought i know but its an achievement as it doesn’t usually happen), we had drinking games and a drunken movie watch … the best kind, The late night order of chicken and pizza was just delightful.

ummm ohhh last thing before i piss off and let you have your evening in peace …¬†that’s¬†if this even gets read you know *awkward laughter* but yeah i find it¬†immensely¬†difficult buying things for others … like its not like i¬†don’t¬†wanna celebrate your birthday with a loving gift and token of appreciation … or its not like¬†Christmas¬†isn’t¬†important to your and your materialistic self but i like my money … and in all honesty i just spent ¬£67 on just one person … yeah the aftershave is acc soo beautiful … (like i’d sex him right there and then if he wore it near me but yeah¬†that’s¬†slightly going off tangent) … and the game you wanted is quite reasonably priced for being out of print now so ill give you that … But I’m not happy about it ūüôĀ could have bought and completed the rest of my infinite collection T___T

so yeah imma go now and listen to Dumbfoundead (who im seeing in a month today … that guy is just the sex and he knows what music to make <3) … i know this blog post wont get as many hits as the last but hey oh well … this is just my thoughts space where i pretend and believe people acc read, understand and love my blog hehe XD biii

I dont know why … But im awake … At 5am … Hmph

Its really difficult trying to take myself seriously today after eating farley’s rusks an baby milk … but i am serious enough to blog at 5am … Which to me on any other day is a bit far off!!! Its not like i have to wake up in 5-6 hours, shower, wash my hair, revise and then head to Biffy Clyro but what the hey … This is my priority right now.

So ummmm what shall we talk about


*light bulb*

So this friday is my birthday … it is pivotal like to a tee the most important thing this week B) … I mean like seriously I’m turning 17 finally … Tbh i never really saw myself as young – and innocent minded, pure flower, untainted by modern societies floors – pure i am but i only wish to the Good Lord of ice cream and fish stick sandwiches that i am innocent minded … Legit 20 minutes ago before autumn passed out i was discussing names of the pornos we would direct, who would star in them and suggestive plot lines … If that is innocent then … Well just then.

But back on subject … This friday (I’m not sure if i wrote a post with this in but i cannot be asked to look back and my memory is shit so we will pretend i didn’t) – this friday will consist of drinking, more drinking, birthday challenges and lots of hugging … Im kinda looking forward to finally having a biggish get together with my college and secondary school friends … God only knows how much i have missed them ūüôĀ

But yeah another thing … April is such a shit busy month … With Biffy today it is also my ginger pube faced guy Connor’s birthday … Love that guy, then we have Canterbury, TDCC gig, Edwin’s, Daleel’s/Delilah’s and myself’s birthday … And Fran’s and said ex-friend who should move on with life … (I don’t hate her but she is working for something !!! *angry face*)

Well i can safely say that pictures ofc will be uploaded of friday and i may link my keek for you to catch some drunken keek videos hehe but yeah niiiiight bloggie xxx

Don’t hate me forever if i forget to upload again ;;) xxx <3


Umm i realised 5am blogging is shit as my grammar and all is off so i came back and edited it … Ill review Biffy later xx