February 17th 2013

( Just as a side note … the posts that claim to be updated today are old … i was just editing and it wanted to bitch around and change the update … date)

to be perfectly honest … times have been better … and ofc to being who i am i cant complain … others got it worse … I’m just tired of it all being shit … its just when people assume things that gets me …

aish … and shitty people trying to force me to travel 11 and a half miles, even after i persistently said i wasn’t going to do it now, i haven’t got the money to pay for the travel and my parents said no … you still persist and try to force me to go to a placement that wont help me get into uni to learn English and become a teacher … AFTER you said it was optional ¬¬ .. i believe you standing on the situation will lose your case if we went to court for this … if that makes sense and ofc i wont take you to court … well only if your paying … and even then i would have to have spare ounces of energy to waste on this …

But anywho … Half term hath arrived and god am i greatful for the extra hours of zzz’s … minus dance class tomorrow evening, the Taking Hayley Gig … and a trip out with my eonnie … im pretty choca with work and sleep … mmm sleep glorious sleep

im gonna stop writing here because i know ill type something stupid or i wont even update … night blog *sulks away*

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