… No dude … it’s a date

holy shit … ive known im a bit of a dumbass when it comes to love and common sense but when multiple of your friends say that what you have planned as an innocent meeting between two best friends is in fact a date … you reach a new level of ‘doyyyyyy’ …

Ive never really quite understood the whole idea of a date or the concept of one but from really shitty teen movies and those upliftingly oblivious friends you come to realise what they would be seen as, feel like etc etc etc … like i would only guess its when 2 people … of mutually sensed feelings or random chance XD) go out and do stuff like movies (so overrated), arcades (sooooooo overrated), parks (mehh) or my personal favourite and choice option … feeding the homeless (people should start this XD and not just make jokes … come on guys … as the once great subira now demoted for her laugh said … juts doo it man *then bernies*) but enough of that … as im probably never gonna understand it but know … that … dates are overrated … and dont do them against you will people … stand up for your unwritten and spoken rights !!! *this suddenly became awkward as i lost my train of thought and reasoning for writing ^^ that but just know im confused about it /le sigh*

In other news … i have 3 more gigs to add to my ever growing gigs list :-

-Big Bang … Big Bang … BIG BANG BIG BANG WHOOOA YEAH … ummm *coughs* im sorry but this has been a long time coming and the ticket was hella expensive … even missing a 20th birthday party for this XD

-Biffy Clyro … biffy and i have been on such good terms ever sice their song mountains came out … loved it loved it loved it XD one of my favourite songs out their people and i hope to lord this concert is gonna be as amazing as i hope XD

and lastly – Two Door Cinema Club … this is like last years arrangements whereby my father buys me and 3 friends tickets to a gig and we go instead of some crispy, overrated drink up whereby you dont even get any alcohol and it will always end up in awkwardness when someone has tooo much to drink and you turn from the birthday girl to the sober help party … its not fun man and im acc looking forward to this gig … i know nearly all the songs off Beacon and all of Tourist History ❤ … amazing albums

since my last post i went to 5 of my listed concerts and i just wanted to give a small low down about each one XD

– CNBlue … my god this concert was the best concert i have ever been too … small venue ofcourse … i found it absolutely amazing how they played a 3 and a half hour set with 2 short 5 minute breaks … with NO support acts or anything … one thing thou i would have loved if they played some of their japanese songs, like the jap version of kimio as i love that version or some of their english songs maybe XD hehe … but i also met one of the coolest German-Vietnamese people ever !!

– The Dead Famous … wooow this gig was small venue but it packed some good tunes … i mean its not every gig you show up to an hour before the doors open and your the first and only people in the queue XD … but we did get amazing spaces to see the band … i also did love love LOVE their support band Next Time Natalie … not shamelessly promoting but you should deffo go listen to them … and follow them on twitter (search it yourself … i aint yall slave !!)

– MSI … now when i went to MSI, i was only really expecting … well acc i wasnt … i had meant to listen to them before going to this gig but i never got round to it and i thought my highlight would be just drinking in the  queue but when the music started playing … you just got lost in it … love all the stage stuff and his half ass full ass crack (see what i did there XD!!) and i also loved the support band for this … Taking Hayley … admittedly my friend and i were creeping on the bassist … but only slightly … and also we had the fittest, cutest, amazingest but nosey guy near us the whole gig … you don’t feel so weirded out by his creeping when he is good looking … so yeah that was fun XD

– The Blackout … Pre Party Tour … i have to say this was the gig i was most loking forward to out of this whole session … as one this was the day right after MSI so i still had my energy and flow from the day before … two as i love the blackout ever since i saw them support MCR in Feb 2011 … and thirdly well thirdly as its the blackout and who doesnt love sean and gavin (i have to admit the highligh was getting gavin’s crotch on my head when he crowd surfed … my god i was dazed <3) well that was until my phone got stolen but ahwell XD what can you do XD (enjoy it you toerag … its locked, blocked and well not very universally interesting … well unless you like asians and kpop and all that other coherently mentioned things – dont even know if i used that term in the right context but it sounded good XD)

– and Warped Tour … i was kindah miffed at warped tour simply because when you have a curfew to see your family and all then you pretty much miss all the good bands you wanna see … i also got really annoyed by the security last second closing the stage for Taking Hayley … when i really wanted to watch them
XD even spoke to them about it in the queue and now i feel like ive betrayed and lied to them 😦 but i guess the atmosphere was intense with the skating competition and the merch stalls but yeah … pretty decent … i think next year if i go ill not have prior family plans and just enjoy the whole day there XD

… im tired now and i have college in the morning so ill sign off … BIIIII and one last piece of advice i have learnt the past 2 days … if it seems to good to be true … its a date … or your jujst to high off your face to know any different … NIGHT ❤ x

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