Starting College and Other Things

Its funny when people tell you the transition from secondary school to college is a big one but you don’t realise how big till the first day comes. I’m not gonna lie I was very very intimidated, even though i knew some people in Hornsey, was still very intimidating.

I think one of the biggest transition if you don’t go to a sixth form by the school, so having to change schools or college. Because although the setting and time table is pretty much similar, its the meeting of new teachers who may not understand you well or have better relationships with student who they previously taught, its also the observing (well I observed a lot) of the students and teachers surrounding you. You have to know who you can joke around with, who you have to act completely serious and those who will give you a heavy workload (especially seeing as these two years will be full of essays, coursework and crazy practicals).

I also think its about feeling comfortable with the people around you, it took me i think 2 maybe 3 days to feel completely comfortable and to find the people i feel will help me progress and have a good time at the same time.

I’m starting to sound like a flipping patronising know-it-all about college but yeah hehe … so other notes. Recently i tweeted about all the different gigs i have been to since February 2011 … and they arrreeeee ‘Drum Roll Please’ *drums table* … *makes symbol sound to symbolise end of drum roll*

Past Gigs :-
My Chemical Romance – February 2011
iTunes Festival 2011 MCR & Evaling – July 2011
The Blackout – December 2011
December Sessions Copper Lungs – December 2011
Theory Of A Deadman – February 2012
Black Veil Brides – March 2012
Bombay Bicycle Club – April 2012
MBC Culture Festival inc. EXO-K, 4Minute, Norazo – June 2012

Future Gigs :-
CNBlue – September 2012
The Dead Famous – October 2012
Mindless Self Indulgence – October 2012
The Blackout – October 2012
Warped Tour – November 2012
The Blackout – January 2013

I’m acc really excited for all the upcoming gigs I’m going to, yes there are 2 The Blackout gigs … but what can I say … you gotta love those welsh rockers … first on the gig stop CN-FRICKING-BLUE ❤ …omg I cant believe I acc got a ticket for this because they were quite expensive for a small scale gig and because I'm not to sure this will happen again any time in the near future … but I think £51 pounds is a reasonable high price for this gig.

On calculation i have spent approximately £185.50 pounds (not including the money me and Chez has split on the tickets) … no wonder I’m flipping broke.

But yeah I’m going to sign off from this post but I’m going to shamelessly promote my fathers new blog, he does a lot of short rants about the news or things that annoy him, so far he has no posts but soon it will be up and running (thanks to yours truly 😀 ) so yeah check it out once he starts posting 🙂 thankiees

Biii ❤

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