Bombay Bicycle Club <3<3<3

ahhh honestly yesterday was flipping immense … Bombay bicycle club concert yesterday was like touchingly the best gig i have been too … via music choice wise and overall experience … along with 7 friends we just arrived after the doors opened to be searched for food and drink … but obvs hoods arent a problem as we were able to successfully enter a pack of peach rings, orange bagged skittles and a twix … after getting thoroughly agitated because the security guy there gave my mates the wrong directions we finally entered the main hall where the gig twere to be held … we located a fine spot near the stage and sat down on the floor waiting for the first act to get on …

the first act Rae Morries … i believe from what the acts after her said … aloof the noise of fans chitchatting she was an very good act … her songs were meaningful and her voice was acc extremely amazing … it had this husky tone when she spoke which gave her this uniqueness in comparison to many i have heard speak

the second support act Leanne La Havas was flipping exceptional … her voices was amazing, her songs were absolutely touching and very meaningful … when she played her upcoming song i soon realised that i had heard her before and then realised it was her album i was planning on buying when it is released in July …

and finally Bombay Bicycle Club … we were in a state of confusion when the placed up this black curtain which wasn’t very curtainy in the factor we could see through it … but this all can into knowledge when then started the set when they had a light design shone onto it to get us in the feel for the first song, How can you swallow so much sleep … as we continued through the set we heard classics like Always Like This, Evening/Morning, Lights Out Words Gone, and Still … with an encore song of Shuffle
yeahh soo this is my analysis of the gig … well the music part … there was a point were the whole of standing nearly toppled over onto the floor, and they still managed to violently mosh to BBC but much to our amusement this jumping around meant talking to new people as we were all apologising to each other for standing on each others feet … also sharing one small bag of skittles between 10 people an being told by a drunk guy he loves you for some twix i mean a good gig in my view

soo I’m guessing i have said all i have to say about yesterday … well that can be written for the public and fanily who read this to see … sooo ta ta blogglings and hope you have gad a fab weekend like i have xx

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