Moleskine … and College

well i just thought i would update and tell you … I GOT ACCEPTED TO BOTH COLLEGES I APPLIED TO …

*Composes myself* yes … so im excited about that B) …

yes well self explained title … we’ve spoken about colleges noww … Moleskine

Ive had this moleskine diary for ages and i havent done anything with it because i never knew what to do … so now i have decided to do a sketch every other day (example: monday wednesday friday and sunday) starting next week … this should be fun … ill post pictures when i do them XD … hmmm im not sure i have much else to write except that the Theory Of A Deadman concert is on tuesday … and i must gather up a handfull of songs to sing along to … instead of standing there like a pleb going okay … hmmm … *headbangs to a song she dont know* …

ttyl x

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