Moleskine … and College

well i just thought i would update and tell you … I GOT ACCEPTED TO BOTH COLLEGES I APPLIED TO …

*Composes myself* yes … so im excited about that B) …

yes well self explained title … we’ve spoken about colleges noww … Moleskine

Ive had this moleskine diary for ages and i havent done anything with it because i never knew what to do … so now i have decided to do a sketch every other day (example: monday wednesday friday and sunday) starting next week … this should be fun … ill post pictures when i do them XD … hmmm im not sure i have much else to write except that the Theory Of A Deadman concert is on tuesday … and i must gather up a handfull of songs to sing along to … instead of standing there like a pleb going okay … hmmm … *headbangs to a song she dont know* …

ttyl x

Blogglings … hiii :)

dear blog (always wanted to start like that for some unknown reason),

anyways … on the 21st december in 2010 i done a post about things you dont know about me …. i was thinking of doing another one so i am working on the list …

in other news, we were meant to go to an acoustic gig at this church with fealress vampire killers and 2 other bands but we cant because in order to get anything done this holiday we have to compromise … and also aunt flow has come to visit me so i dont think ill be much fun XD or a chezan puts it ‘the red moon tide’

okay so Gig Update Time :

minusing todays failage at life we havvvvvvvve

– Theory Of A Dead Man – 28th February 2012
– Black Veil Brides – 30th March 2012
– Steel Panther – 31st March 2012
– Bombay Bicycle Club – 28th April 2012

And more soon to come …

with the addition of a great family meal on the 5th and Paintballing on the 7th of April… the month between the 30th March and 30th April … obviously coz i was born and all of the above our my birthday CELEBRATIONS *dances to celebrate good times comeon … by i think the beegees (however you spell it) *
and before you say anything i know 28th February isnt in my time frame BUT IT STILL COUNTS … another reason that time frame is special because my Bestfriend’s birthday is on the 29th and i want to get him another pressie so shhhh 😉

anywhoo ive got to go and make myself some food XD coz it doesnt just magic itself up u know XD … Taa tAA xx